Practically Painless Waxing


Bush Tea Hot Wax


This excellent wax has Lanolin, Mineral Oil and Sunflower Seed Oil combined with Rooibos Leaf Extract that makes this a wonderful wax to use on bikini, underarm and face.  The special formula reduces discomfort during and after epilation.  Hair removal is easier and less irritating.  Leaves a satin-smooth finish to the waxed areas. We use a pre-wax oil that contains Apricot and Chamomile to help reduce heat when applying wax on the most sensitive areas.


Brow, Lip or Chin Wax (15 min) R60.00

Underarm Wax (20 min) R100.00

Bikini Wax (20 min) R150.00

Brazilian Wax (40 min) R190.00


Bush Tea Wax Cartridge


New exclusive formula with rooibos extract evoking African benefits from this lifetime ingredient offering the anti-allergic properties of rooibos for even the most sensitive skins. It is tough on hair but gentle on the skin. We use a pre-wax oil that contains Apricot and Chamomile to help reduce heat when applying wax on the most sensitive areas.


½ Leg Wax (30 min) R140.00

¾ Leg Wax (45 min) R160.00

Full Leg Wax (60 min) R180.00

Full Arm Wax (30 min) R140.00

Full Back Wax (45 min) R190.00



Cerazyme Wax


This is a new innovation that unites skin rejuvenation with delicate, painless hair removal for a unique skin care epilation treatment. Cerazyme wax is a patented formula that is the first wax to mix water soluble ingredients in an oil soluble base. This means that it is possible to perform a cosmetic skin care treatment simultaneously whilst waxing.

Cerazyme Rejuvenation is the first anti-aging treatment in the Cerazyme range.  It prevents aging, repairs tissues, moisturizes while delicately and painlessly epilates.  The hair removal protocol Cerazyme infuses the skin with coenzyme Q10, DNA Filaments and Natural Moisturizing Factor, creating a microfilm that, while waxing, helps penetrate the active ingredients, protecting the skin for a rejuvenating effect.


This dual color patented formula acts as a mask to open pores and stimulate active ingredient penetration.  The initial heat dilates pores boosting the anti-aging and moisturizing effects for a visibly more luminous and rejuvenating skin.


The first advantage of using this wax is for its osmotic properties as a vehicle for active ingredient penetration.  Thousand of micro channels are created through pore dilation optimizing maximum product penetration, as well as the increase in blood flow favors dispersion through the entire epidermis.  The wax creates an osmotic layer on the skin, which prevents the loss of active ingredients by trapping the heat as a cocoon and acting as a real cosmetic mask.


Secondly, the patented formula is made with a special mineral rosin which heated to a specific temperature allows a very thin strip application that adheres only to the hair so extraction is practically painless. The warm temperature dilates the pores (hence the easier extraction of hair) while increasing peripheral blood circulation.  This formula is suitable for even the most sensitive skins.


CERAZYME treatment protects the skin against loss of elasticity and firmness to prolong youthful looking skin.  The range includes Q10 enzyme, marine DNA filaments and Natural Moisturizing factor for deep skin regeneration and to combat chronological aging.  This innovating skin resurfacing treatment will bring luminosity and a new glow to reveal beautiful and gorgeous skin. 


CERAZYME Rejuvenation


Treatment Menu



Code Bar Lip Treatment (15min) R110.00

Upper lip wrinkle treatment with Q10 enzyme to refill and plump mini wrinkles while regenerating the skin after epilation.


Eyebrow Firming & Sculpting (20min) R130.00

Treats flaccid eyebrows thanks to its marine DNA filaments to firm eyelids.  Effectively shapes the eyebrows for a dashing look.


Nose Pore Refining (20min) R130.00

Remove blackheads and small comedones for a complete pore cleansing of the nose.


Chronological Facial Rejuvenation (60min) R500.00

Full facial anti-aging skin care treatment including ingredients as Q10 enzyme (prevents wrinkle formation and improves elasticity), marine DNA filaments (revitalize, protect and accelerate skin repair plus Epilation of chin, cheeks, temples and forehead.  Discover an incredibly smooth and luminous skin.




Sagging arm toning (40min) R200.00

Treat arm flaccidity due to weight loss or aging with the help of Q10 and poppy seed oil.  Deeply moisturizes and nurtures the skin while delicately removing hair.


Ageing hands and fingers (40min) R200.00

Remove hair from hands and fingers while preventing spot and wrinkle formation.  Visible results from the first session.


Flaccid thigh firming (40min) R200.00

Saggy thighs?  Stretch marks and wrinkles?  Apply the loaded cocktail of active ingredients before and after hair removal to firm and tone.


Full leg rejuvenation (60min) R300.00

A luxury for your legs.  Delicate, effective and painless epilation by applying Q10 Enzyme, DNA filaments, Natural moisturizing factor, Andiroba and Poppy seed oil for the ultimate skin care epilation experience.




Underarm skin toning (20min) R160.00

Soft and painless epilation enriched with Natural Moisturizing Factor and Andiroba Oil for a skin regenerating epilation.


Bikini firming (20min) R180.00

Tone and firm bikini area applying Q10 enzyme and DNA filaments for a soft and painless epilation.  Prevents ingrown hair formation.


Brazilian remodeling (60min) R320.00

Remember how baby skin feels?  Delicate, soft  and silky.  Luscious cocktail of Q10 enzyme, DNA filaments, Natural  Moisturizing Factor  for an unforgettable experience.