My Mission is to make Beauty Treatments AFFORDABLE and

available to everyone on a regular basis

and not just once a year or once a lifetime because it is so expensive.


We are a Beauty Salon and NOT a Spa.

My Beauty Salon is in an Office Building that we share with my Husband's Business.

Weekends we can do groups of up to 4 clients at a time and during the week we prefer 2 but maximum 3 clients at a time.


I keep the overheads low and offer ALL my clients the benefits

of +- 70% discount on most of their treatments. 

My clients get the absolute best treatment from my group of amazing therapists

without helping to pay the rent on an expensive building.


I invite you to come visit us at Rejuvenations Health and Beauty Salon

where YOU are Royalty.


We have a whole range of "Special Packages" for you to choose from.

You get "SPA Treatments" at "Special Salon Discount Prices"



Rejuvenations Health and Beauty